Chairman's Message

By the grace of Almighty Allah Crescent Group of Institutions is serving for the cause of education to the under privileged section of the society in Bangalore South. Most of the children studying in our institutions are from poor families which include many orphans and destitute. The medium of instruction is English. We have Nursery, Primary and High School for both boys and girls. We also have Pre-University Composite College and First Grade Degree College for Women.
More than thousand five hundred students studying in our institutions whose parents are reluctant to continue their education due to financial constraints. To counter this problem Crescent Association provides free education, books, school uniforms and shoes from the available funds and further seek financial assistance by way of scholarships/Zakath/Sadqah from various Muslim charitable organization and Philanthropists. This financial support received enables the management to run the institutions.
By undertaking this exercise most of the poor and needy students get requisite education and will turn out to be good assets to our community failing which these children in the long run may end up as a liability to the society. The quality of education and discipline is closely monitored by an education committee consisting of academicians and educationists. The main source of income to the institution is in the form of Zakath, khairath and sadqah.
Hadith from Sahi Muslim:
“When the human being dies, all his deeds come to end except for three things: firstly, Assadqah (charity) that never ends; secondly, the knowledge that benefits, thirdly, the pious off spring that prays for him.”
Please make contribution in favor of Crescent Association, S.B A/c No. 10386335807, State Bank of India, Jayanagar II Block branch, Bangalore, [Swift Code: SBININBB423].
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”
India win a seat of prominence and pride amongst the amity of developed nations such as the G20 and India is one of the few countries around the world which supplies highly educated and skilled manpower to the western world. India has relative advantage of having an education system with English as the medium of instruction at the higher levels of learning. Emphasis, creating infrastructure for technical and scientific education has yielded results, reflected in India’s advantage in the IT industry.
It is now important to find out as to who and where in India one can find the positive impact of higher levels of education. India is having its own culture of education in terms of language of public instruction and creating of infrastructure of higher level education access to quality higher level education.

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